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International Project

el paraiso ii

An architectural masterpiece, designed to connect both nature and structure in a way that brings natural illumination and greenery within the internal space. The clients vision was to design a contemporary modern home, "openness, high ceilings, raw concrete and glazing". 

Our design approach was to follow a movement that of the natural slope of the land and surrounding mountains, incorporating mid levels that allows a flow to the surrounding environment. Implementing high ceiling in the main entrance followed by double heighted black framed French panels. The home is separated  in two sections and joined through a voided space, the front part is where the private realm programs are located, the rear section where all the programs open to connect the public realm, enhancing and bringing pool reflection to the internal spaces. Not to mention a rooftop terrace that allows views to the natural environment, with a BBQ area, seating and garden plantations.

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