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Our View



Our aim is to provide the very best Solutions & Designer approaches, that aligns with what we believe in as a firm.


We believe in the quality of our work to make a change, to better help and communicate to our clients. Our thinking process allows us to understand and create new methods of design whilst fundamentally achieving our clients needs and outcomes.


We offer a vast range of services, from Design and Planning Services to Project Management. Lux Design Studio specialise in making the impossible achievable. Our mission statement is a vision to revolutionise the design & building industry with each and every of our beloved Lux Designs.


We value our designs as much as our clients. We pay close attention to all your wants and needs to fundamentally achieve & often succeed all our client expectations. With our determination & break through ideas we aim to maximise the comforts of living, with focus towards environmentally sustainable, unique designs, elegant & sophisticated aesthetics and innovative construction methods.


We believe that with our quality of work, your project is in the right hands. Lux Design Studio values the direction & contribution of our clients, so we allow you to be as involved in all major design decisions to achieve your personal/individual desired result. We also help to teach clients about the specifics of their projects and highlight feasibility projection through clear and simple design proposal documents.


Our forward thinking & unique design process allows us to understand and communicate designs that fundamentally align with client aims, needs and outcomes. We treat our clients as part of the team as & are always open to new and unique design opportunities.


So get on board & join our team





There is a very specific sense of indescribable pride and achievement when any idea or design is developed, built & loved by another person in a way you, that only you thought was possible.


Design & Architecture in my opinion, are not career choices but a lifestyle. When you live and breath design you are constantly driven & excited to learn more each and every day. The field of design and architecture is ever shifting and evolving. This insight, helps me to achieve a better understanding of the feasibility of the needs and wants of a client.



I completed a Bachelor Degree of Designs In Industrial Design (with honours) at the University of Technology, Sydney.


This design degree showed me how things can easily be constructed and more specifically deconstructed. Paying attention to this level of detail shifts your mindset to be open to endless possibilities. With this skillset I quickly learnt to develop & improvise with this methodology to produce practical approaches of achieving the unachievable.


I then continued my studies at UTS and am now in my final year of Architecture.


Previous work experience

Whilst I have been studying architecture I have also been working for several design studios of various sizes from large manufacturers of medical products and technologies to exhibition design. I also worked as a senior designer for the Woolworths Planning & Equipment's Team as well as a Building consultant for a Volume Home Builder Vogue Homes.



You have to go wholeheartedly into anything in order to achieve anything worth having.

Frank Lloyd Wright


Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Steve jobs




My passion is delivering artwork by creating spaces for clients to inhabit, providing the best architectural finishes that meet and exceed my clients expectations through my understanding of functional spaces and built form.

I believe that through architecture human experience, wellness and enlightenment is highly enhanced and fulfilled. Designing spaces for the mind, body and soul is what illuminates our fundamental growth as a human. Creating vibrant open spaces, and enticing environmental aspects through wind, light, greenery and sound. 


With a Bachelors Degree in Architecture from The University of Technology Sydney. Having been taught from highly respected professors and tutors within the industry has educated my understanding in methods to explore various architectural styles. 

Continuing and finalising my Masters Degree in Architecture.


Inspired by renowned architects from the likes of Tadao Ando, Frank Lloyd Wright and Peter Eisenman has informed and influenced my design approach, from the elements to the spatial interpretation of art.  My ideology combines various forms, styles and materials on the representation of strong linear geometries. 


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